Drive skills management
and employee learning using AI

360-degree skills benchmarking

Success profiles are created for all organizational roles – using insights from the industry and internal data on jobs and performance. Against which you can evaluate employees, create succession plans, create career pathways, maintain a skill inventory, identify mission critical skills

Hyper-personalised learning pathway

Content sources -both internal as well as external are scanned to automatically create indexed catalogs. These are dynamic learning content catalogs, accompanied with a content authoring tool to incorporate new content in real time. Various AI techniques are then used to create most relevant and personalised learning plans for individual users.

Quantification of learning outcomes

Connections between business impact, performance metrics and upskilling and learning interventions are established using sophisticated statistical analysis techniques. Performance metrics can be tracked through various internal systems in real time to deliver the effectiveness of learning program and identify their contribution to business outcomes.

The only AI-driven learning and organization development platform. Spotmentor is a platform which combines skill management, learning and development planning and business impact. We use 3 patent-pending AI algorithms to ensure that you are able to derive real time ROI from your learning efforts.

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Role-wise success profiles

This is the output of Industry Benchmarking activity and gives the technical and Behavioral skill requirements by unique job roles. The uniqueness is that the Spotmentor engine keeps on scanning the evolving skill requirements and updating the dashboard to deliver a Real time benchmarking for all the organizational job roles.

Emerging skills

This dashboard identifies emerging skills and their impact on the job roles and the employees of the organization and its competitors. This can help in recalibrating job descriptions, reskilling plans and upskilling plans.

Organisational skill inventory

This dashboard presents the set of all skills and respective proficiencies present in an organization. This also gives an employee-wise view of technical and behavioral skills and respective proficiencies, which are monitored in real time to reflect upskilling too.

Indexed catalogs

Learning content from multiple sources is analyzed and indexed with subjects, keywords and sources. This gives automatically curated, organised and skills-specific content catalogs.

Hyper-personalised learning plans

The only learning plans which take into account organisation’s needs as well employee attributes to deliver the most targeted and SMART learning plans. These use more than 100 different variables in real time. Some of the variables which are used are role specific skill gaps, emerging skills in the marketplace, employee aspirations, content engagement, peer performance etc.

Business impact

A single snapshot that connects important business metrics, employee goals, and learning programs to tell what tangible business improvements are happening due to skilling initiatives. You can use it for strategizing, convincing stakeholders, budgeting etc.

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